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Creating a Binge Listening Podcast

March 13, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 4 Episode 247
Delaware Blogger Podcast
Creating a Binge Listening Podcast
Show Notes

Creating a Binge Listening Podcast - Episode # 247

Podcast creation is becoming very popular and it’s HOT - but so is listening to podcasts too!  People are boasting about and promoting on their social media platforms about how they are bingeing on podcasts.  Podcasting bingeing is actually better than "Chillaxin with Netflix", sitting on a sofa with ice cream and consuming content when they have time.

Unlike sitting and bingeing on Netflix, people can listen to podcasts on the go...listening any time and to the podcast episodes that they want.

“Bingeing” on entertainment became popular in 2007 when both Netflix and DVRs were introduced which allowed television viewers to spend entire weekends catching up and watching full seasons of shows, instead of waiting one week or more in between new episodes. That same method of consuming entertainment is now becoming a natural way in which to listen to podcasts too!

The pandemic also sped up the popularity to consuming more digital programming literally overnight. Everywhere in the world people are spending more time using digital and artificial devices.

But what makes a podcast binge worthy, that’s what I talked about in this episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast and basically there are only 3 elements and they are:

  • Subject Matter
  • StoryTelling Skills
  • Length and Frequency

Podcasts are quickly becoming the number one platform for telling and sharing interesting stories with the world. Got a story to share? Why not consider starting a podcast to get your message out there?

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