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Power of Podcasting Your Personal Brand

June 19, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 259
The Delaware Blogger Podcast
Power of Podcasting Your Personal Brand
Show Notes

"If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you."  - Zig Ziglar

Power of Podcasting Your Personal Brand

Branding used to be just for big businesses, it’s now also for your personal brand especially if you are an entrepreneur or even a solopreneur.

Personal brands are just as important when it comes to connecting with your target market audience and creating a podcast can reap huge benefits.

As more purchasing decisions are made online and from recommendations on social media, having a podcast will open up further opportunities for your business.

When a potential customer is thinking about buying your product, they are going to do their research. They will ask for referrals or search online or reach out for recommendations on social networks.

Therefore, if you are found on Facebook, that’s fine, but hearing you on a podcast

By investing in your personal brand via a podcast you are creating more opportunities to reach wider audiences which can lead to enhanced credibility, trust, and authenticity for your brand.

Your company’s products and services are more humanized when you make storytelling, entertainment, inspiration or motivational topics via a podcast, which shows the personal side of your company values.

Amplification from a podcast for your personal brand strengthens customer relationships by making you more human, more closely connected, and more personalized. - podcasting is very intimate.

Storytelling, writing and public speaking are just some of the elements that are practiced when devoting time to a personal brand.

Your podcast can then be used to lead better meetings, collaborate more directly with others.

There are many benefits, someone with a strong personal brand has more of a chance to be included in speaking engagements or included on industry panels and events, which is a great way to expose your brand to new audiences.

Through podcasting you are developing a personal brand and sharing yourself which will allow growth and expand your networks.

Small business owners can take advantage of this greater reach to grown the company, the more engaged the more devoted to the business missions for the long-term. Win-win!

Don’t Conform, Create - don’t hesitate, wait or procrastinate - get started.

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