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Podcasting for Pre-Teens - Part 2

August 07, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 264
The Delaware Blogger Podcast
Podcasting for Pre-Teens - Part 2
Show Notes

In this episode of Podcasting for Pre-Teens Part 2, I covered pointers that included:

  • Creating a Podcast Calendar
  • Branding Your Podcast
  • Recording Your Episodes
  • Editing Your Episodes
  • Promoting Your Podcast

Creating a content calendar is a good idea as it helps you to stay organized and ensures that you have topics to discuss each week.  When life happens you should also have episodes in the bucket so that you can just simply publish them without worrying about last minute recordings.

Branding Your Podcast is important especially if you are starting from scratch.  You should make sure that your title, cover art, fonts and titles are reflective of your brand.  If you already have a brand, try to keep the same fonts, colors and logo designs for consistent branding.

Recording Your Episodes should be done in a quiet space because sound quality matters.  I also included 9 tips on getting the best audio quality which included:

  1. Record your show in a quiet room or padded closet
  2. Use headphones to monitor the recording
  3. Be aware of popping sounds that can occur with words that start with the letter “P” or “B” - a pop filter can help you lessen those pops.
  4. Keep the microphone 3-5 inches from your mouth
  5. Practice with test recordings before recording an entire show
  6.  Be aware of how fast you are speaking ; some podcasters get so nervous they speed through their shows and are hard to understand as a result.
  7. Don't touch or tap the surface your microphone is sitting on; to avoid unwanted noises, use a boom mic stand (also called a boom arm) to help reduce shock noise and keep the microphone out of your way as you talk.
  8. Try avoiding “ums” and “ahs”
  9. When recording, have an outline or bullet list so you can stay on track with the episode’s focus

Editing Your Podcast can be done with Audacity for PC or Garageband for MAC and checking out a few YouTube videos can help you learn how to do so.

Promoting Your Podcast is by far the most important and time consuming task so creating a website or blog can help with the SEO.

Listen to the entire episode and remember, “sharing is caring” so please share with a family member, friend or following.

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