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Podcasts for Professionals

August 14, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 265
Delaware Blogger Podcast
Podcasts for Professionals
Show Notes

In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I provide 5 reasons why you would want to start a podcast if you are a professional business owner.

Creating a podcast can be one of your greatest marketing tools, as opposed to other forms like social media and print media such as newsletters, magazine and newspaper advertisements.

1. Improve Brand Recognition

2. Attract an Audience

3. Build Trust

4. Increase in Sales

5. Create Loyalty in your Community

Starting a podcast as a business tool is not very difficult and I have a 7-Step Checklist that will help you to get started, so send an email to

As a business owner, podcasting can be a key tool for your marketing strategies. Podcasts are a great medium to reach a specific audience, gain loyalty, and increase your sales.

Listen to the episode to hear more and then share with a friend, family member or follower who may be interested in starting a podcast.

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