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How to Improve Creativity in Podcasting

August 21, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 266
The Delaware Blogger Podcast
How to Improve Creativity in Podcasting
Show Notes

In this episode #266 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast I am talking about ways to improve creativity in podcasting whether it's writing show notes or recording an episode.

To create a successful podcasting series you need to work on something that will be able to spark the imagination of your listener and affect their emotions, since you won't be using visual aides, like used in videos or livestreams. 

You are working with an audience who is probably doing other things while listening so in order to keep them engaged you need to write good storytelling content.

Using pen and paper helps with the creative juices and writing with a pen activates brain regions involved with thought, language, and short-term memory.

To be really productive and creative you will want to set aside at least an hour to 2 hours to get through potential writer’s block or any other distractions.

There are several other options to consider and things to avoid which can be heard in this episode so take a listen and leave a comment with other ideas.

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