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Why You Should Repurpose Your Podcast with a Blog

October 23, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 276
The Delaware Blogger Podcast
Why You Should Repurpose Your Podcast with a Blog
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to episode 276 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.  Did you know that more and more Americans are listening to podcasts each and everyday?

If you have a podcast, you are probably promoting your show on social media or in a Newsletter to get in front of new listeners and keeping your current ones advised, but you want more promotion.  

I am not sure if you heard, but Facebook might be changing its name...along with that, what else will Facebook be changing...perhaps even your ability to connect with your audience?  

Remember what I said, about building your business on a FREE platform - don’t do it!  Repurposing podcast content is vital and the best ways in which to do so is via a blog..

One of the most important benefits of repurposing podcast content is for audience growth and retention, the other values include: 

  • SEO value
  • Credibility
  • Brand Awareness

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Why You Should Repurpose Podcast Content with a Blog?

Amongst other reasons stated in this episode, blog posts are an opportunity to add more to your conversation and provide extra value. Build off of your episode’s topic and think about how you can complement what you’ve said with external resources.

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