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Authors And Audiobooks

November 20, 2021 Antionette Blake Season 5 Episode 280
Delaware Blogger Podcast
Authors And Audiobooks
Show Notes

In today's episode #280 we talk about how authors can make people laugh and cry because they tell stories that touch hearts with their words so why not do it with their voice?

Audio is so much more intimate, especially when you’re authentic and honest. Your listeners get a feel for who you are and what you’re like. You can bond and connect with them, which will make them care more about your art.

It’s like sitting down to coffee with them one-on-one.  And now more than ever, many authors are doing it and it’s more than just Audiobooks.

Podcasting can help you become more of an authority in your space. You can also create goodwill by offering free, valuable information, and your listeners can more easily be converted to customers because they will become like friends.

The great part about this type of podcast is you don’t have to spend as much time creating content. It’s already been done. You just need to take it and re-package using your own voice.

Take a listen to this episode to learn more about starting a podcast as an author and how it can expand and broaden your brand online.

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